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10 Reasons to Reject the CA Solar NEM 3.0 Proposal

On January 11, 2022, the California Public Utilities Commission postponed oral arguments on the California Solar NEM 3.0 proposal.

This is a huge win for Californians as it gives residents more time to voice their opposition to Governor Newsom and other elected officials in Sacramento.

This article from Renewable Energy World highlights the 10 reasons to reject the California Solar NEM 3.0 proposal.

The bottom line, Solar NEM 3.0 is bad for California homeowners.

Do you want to make your voice heard in Sacramento?

The Save Solar Coalition has been working tirelessly to expand awareness of the California NEM 3.0 proposal and has been encouraging Californians to make their voices heard.

Save California Solar is a coalition founded by the Solar Rights Alliance, California’s association of solar users, to help ensure that rooftop solar continues to grow and benefit every Californian. If you are interested in joining this coalition, please fill out the endorsement form on their website and be sure to sign their online petition to Governor Newsom today.

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