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Benefits of Rooftop Solar in California

The 2 top reasons to Go Solar in California:

  1. It saves you money! The energy prices have increased in California each year by more than 3% on average. With the life of a solar system being 25 years, and the average payback period of a rooftop solar system being less than 7 years (for most), you will get to reap the rewards of very low (or no) energy bills for more than 18 years!
  2. The State of California has a goal to use 100% of renewable energy sources by 2045. To meet that goal, large utility scale solar projects have been popping up across the State. As mentioned in this article, there can be some negative consequences to the environment from these large scale utility projects. By using your rooftop for a solar system, you are making a positive impact on the environment in more ways than one.

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