Solar Power Continues To Trend Upward In Cypress

Solar power in Cypress is more popular than ever. Solar in Cypress is a great way to meet some or all of your home’s power needs. A modern, residential solar power system is tied to the grid. That means that you create energy for your own needs and also sell the energy you produce to the local utility company for real dollars. You can reduce how much electricity you buy from the local utility while you contribute to greening up the environment.

Today’s residential solar systems produce clean and reliable power. They reduce fossil fuel use and pollutants in the environment. Solar power is clean, healthy energy. Today’s systems operate quietly, and they run on automatic. There’s not much to do except wait for the sunshine! The systems need very little maintenance.

If you’re ready to make the leap to solar, contact your solar installer Cypress team today. We’ll talk about your needs, and give you a free quote. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make solar a reality for your home. Get a quote by filling out this form.

4 Reasons To Go Solar In Cypress – Solar Company Cypress

It’s a sound investment

It used to be that solar panels weren’t a break-even financial investment until the end of their life cycle. That meant that solar panels were primarily for people who wanted to do their part for the environment. Today, this isn’t the case. Solar power is for anyone who wants to make a sound investment.

Continued technology developments and price wars have driven the costs of solar lower than ever before. In fact, solar costs about half what it did in years past. That means that you can see a return on your investment in as little as half the time. Solar can be very profitable, and we invite you to meet with one of our solar installer Cypress experts to crunch the numbers and see just how solar may benefit you financially. Sunny, Southern California is the perfect place to go solar, and we can explore your options. Our analysis includes looking at ways to optimize your home appliances to work with your solar power system to save energy.

There’s no time like the present

If you install your solar power system now, you can still get top dollar for selling your power back to the utility company during peak periods. Our systems are on the grid, and that means that the utility company is willing to pay you a price for your power during busy times. Right now you get the top rates, but net metering 2.0 is coming, and the new system isn’t going to be as beneficial to residential sellers. It’s best to lock in better rates for the energy that you produce.

Greening up the environment

Whether or not it’s your primary goal, solar panels are a great way to be a citizen of the earth. Solar power is clean power. It’s renewable energy that’s there for you and for your grandchildren. When you install solar, you know that you’re cutting down on pollution and making the world a better place.

Appliance efficiency

Solar panels and appliances go hand in hand. The two can work in conjunction to save energy use on both ends. We can help you talk about ways to optimize appliance purchases in ways that go well with our solar panels so that you can see maximum benefits from your solar system.

Solar panels and sunny Cypress, California are the perfect matches. Clean energy production puts money in your pocket and makes your world a better place. If you go solar now, you can take advantage of peak pricing for energy producers.

Join the many Southern Californians that already make the area the leader in solar power in the western United States. Solar power is better and easier than ever before. Contact Solar Source Inc today to begin the exciting change to this cost-saving, clean energy.

Let SOLAR SOURCE do the heavy lifting.

SOLAR SOURCE designs, engineers and installs photovoltaic solar systems for residential and commercial electricity generation.


  • We chose Solar Source to install panels on our home and the process could not have been more easy. From inspection and installation to permits and financing, Jarrod and his team at Solar Source made our decision to add solar panels to our house a no-brainer. The team is experienced, well organized and very professional with great communication throughout the process. Highly recommend Solar Source to anyone looking for residential or commercial solar!

    E. Suarez, Long Beach
  • I had a really wonderful experience with installing solar at my home. The Solar Source team was responsive and kept a me informed each step of the way. Permits were pulled without any effort on my part and the installation team was friendly and respectful. I am proud to share that my utility bill is at zero most months and I am saving money as a result of the installation. I highly recommend Solar Source!

    A. Salusky, Long Beach
  • Thanks Solar Source so very much for being helpful, cost conscious, working with the belligerent City of Long Beach and taking care of all the challenges to make my installation absolutely perfect.I’m now at $1.90/month just enough to keep me tied to the grid, and saving around $300/month since I have a swimming pool.Again, highest praise!

    J.Sherman, Long Beach

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