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Demand for Backup Battery Storage Systems in California

We have seen heavy demand for backup battery storage systems in California this year. There are a few factors playing into the demand: Natural disasters, increased power demand on aging utility grids, technology advancements and cost.

Looking at the wildfires in Northern California, and the hurricane that hit New Orleans earlier this year, homeowners want to have access to power when disaster strikes. These backup battery storage systems aren’t designed to power your whole home, but are designed to provide you with enough power to run your refrigerator or other essential items.

Next to Texas, California has the highest power consumption in the United States. Let that sink in. As the most populous state in the United States there has been increased power demand on our aging utility grids which have lead to rolling blackouts. Having a backup system in place provides peace of mind when these rolling blackouts occur.

Our clients have been asking us for battery backup storage systems for years. For years we have told them that the technology and pricing weren’t where they needed to be to sell them a system.

In 2020, that finally changed. Enphase Encharge systems were released in 2020, and we began installing them for our customers in 2021. The ROI is definitely not the same as it is as a PV solar system, but for the peace of mind a backup storage system provides, installing a battery backup storage can make sense for some.

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