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How do you Power Your Home with Solar?

Solar is becoming the fastest-growing source of clean energy in California. So how do you power your home with solar, and convert the solar power from the sun into electrical energy?

Solar panels absorb the sunlight and convert that light into DC power. Solar panels are made up of smaller units called solar cells. Most of these solar cells are made from silicone which are semiconductors. Each silicone atom in the cell is connected to the adjoining cells by strong bonds. Each silicone cell is able to produce half a volt of energy, which for an average solar panel amounts to about 320 watts. That is not enough power to power a home, which is why you need to install a number of solar panels. To connect the solar panels, you use inverters. When the solar panels are combined, a great deal of power is generated. For most homes, you are able to offset energy usage with your solar system.

Installing solar panels takes a lot of attention to detail and involves a lot of components. Because you are drilling into a roof to lay down the solar panels it is important to hire an experienced licensed solar contractor, because if done incorrectly, it can cause roof leaks and damage to your home. When selecting your solar contractor ask how many solar installations they have done. Also ask to see pictures of the work they have done, as well as speak with past customers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of inexperienced or unlicensed “solar experts” out there so do your due diligence.

Once the solar panels are installed, and the solar project is signed off by your local jurisdiction, your solar contractor will submit an NEM application with your Utility Company. Once approved, your meter will be swapped out and you will start receiving credit for the power your solar system is producing.

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