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The Laundry Room, Culver City Commercial Solar Installation

Look at our newest commercial solar installation at The Laundry Room in Culver City.   As part of The Laundry Room’s continuous effort to provide for the community and do their part for the environment, they are now the only Laundromat to have solar panels on the Westside!    The 34.0 kW-DC photovoltaic system consists of 80 […]

Is Commercial Solar Installation Right for You?

Are you a business owner in Southern California that owns your commercial building? If so, how do you decide if solar installation makes sense for your business? Well, it boils down to two things. Making a positive impact on the environment through environmental sustainability, and the return on your investment. If you install commercial solar, […]

Commercial Solar Installation

Commercial solar installation is a big part of the work that we do at SOLAR SOURCE®. Generally speaking, we do smaller-scale commercial projects such as solar for single office buildings, churches, or carwashes. We have installed commercial solar all across Southern California, from industrial buildings in Long Beach, to dental offices in Orange County. There […]

Commercial Solar Orange County California

Businesses who have partnered with SOLAR SOURCE® enjoy much lower electricity bills than their competitors and use their reduced carbon footprint to attract customers who value that investment in the environment. If you are located in Orange County, we can provide you with a custom designed commercial solar system. The goal with our commercial solar projects is […]

Commercial Solar Installation Long Beach, CA

This 44 kW commercial solar installation in Long Beach has a 2.4 year payback for the owners. Does it make sense to install commercial building? If your bills are high and you have the roof space, likely so. Give us a call today at 562-852-5626 or fill out this form on our website to learn […]