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Why Enphase IQ Batteries?

Enphase Battery Storage

At SOLAR SOURCE we exclusively install Enphase IQ Battery systems.

Why are Enphase batteries our pick?

The Enphase system is efficient, modular, and affordable—and it’s making home battery backup more practical for more people than ever.

All-in-one solar plus storage –

Enphase unites inverter, battery, and monitoring–one company on a single software platform—creating the most versatile system in the industry.

Install any size solar and battery system –

With IQ8 microinverters on solar panels, there are no solar and battery ratio sizing restrictions.

Modular battery capacity –

Enphase’s AC-coupled system allows you to start small, go big, or grow over time.

Safe cobalt-free battery chemistry –

Enphase batteries use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry to provide industry-leading safety and undergo the most rigorous industry testing and certification.

Power Start™ technology – Advanced Power Start™ technology lets you turn on power-sapping appliances smoothly, while reducing the risk of system crashes.

Weather alerts and battery prioritization –

The Storm Guard alerts you to extreme weather events and automatically helps prepares your home to stay powered on during an outage.

Load Control –

Make your battery last longer in an outage by prioritizing and directing power to critical loads to manage how your home’s energy is used.

AC generator support with no power interruptions –

Compatible with most leading AC home standby generators, functions without a generator automatic transfer switch and eliminates the power glitches normally experienced when switching to generator power.

If you are interested in a residential backup storage system and you’re located in Southern California, fill out our online form for more information.



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