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Going Solar in South Pasadena: Trusted Solar Installations for NEM 3.0 Unaffected Areas

Are you considering solar energy in South Pasadena? Look no further! At Solar Source, we’re proud to serve South Pasadena neighborhoods, including Marengo Park, Oak Hill, and the 91030 and 91031 ZIP codes. Plus, if you’re a part of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) service area, you haven’t been affected by the recent NEM 3.0 changes—making it the perfect time to invest in solar! 

Bringing Solar Solutions to South Pasadena 

As a premier solar provider serving South Pasadena, we understand the unique energy needs of this vibrant community. Our services encompass everything from consultation and system design to seamless installations and ongoing maintenance. We’re committed to empowering residents in Marengo Park, Oak Hill, and throughout South Pasadena with top-tier solar solutions. 

Why Choose Solar Source for Your South Pasadena Solar Installation? 

Local Expertise: Our team has extensive experience catering to South Pasadena’s solar needs, ensuring personalized solutions that maximize energy efficiency for homes and businesses in the area. 

High-Quality Products: We offer top-tier solar panels, advanced microinverters, and energy storage options, ensuring durable and efficient solar systems customized for South Pasadena’s specific requirements. 

Flexible Financing Options: Understanding the financial aspect, we provide flexible financing solutions tailored to fit various budgets, making solar installations accessible to residents in South Pasadena. 

NEM 3.0 Unaffected: Residents within the LADWP service area, including South Pasadena, remain unaffected by the recent NEM 3.0 changes. This presents a unique opportunity to invest in solar energy without the new restrictions. 

Embrace Solar Energy in South Pasadena 

Now is the perfect time to make the switch to solar in South Pasadena. If you’re in Marengo Park, Oak Hill, or any other neighborhood in the 91030 or 91031 ZIP codes, Solar Source is here to assist you on your solar journey. 

Contact us today for a consultation tailored to South Pasadena’s unique energy needs. Let’s explore how our customized solar solutions can benefit your property while taking advantage of the LADWP’s unaffected status under NEM 3.0.