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Navigating the Solar Landscape: Solutions for ‘Solar Orphans’ and System Challenges


As a solar contractor since 2008, I’ve witnessed the evolution of the solar industry, having been among the early adopters. Over the years, I’ve seen the ebb and flow, the rise and fall of solar companies, as well as the constant evolution of solar panel and inverter technology. With this dynamic landscape, many individuals find themselves as ‘solar orphans‘ due to companies going out of business, leaving them with malfunctioning systems or uncredited installations.

If you’re in this situation—facing issues with your solar system, whether it’s a panel or inverter in need of replacement or an entire system requiring troubleshooting—rest assured, we’re here to help. Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to service and quality make us your reliable partner.

We understand the frustration of having a solar system that’s not functioning optimally. That’s why we offer our services to diagnose and fix problems promptly. Whether you’re a residential homeowner or a commercial building owner, we’ll visit your location and address any issues at our hourly rate.

Moreover, we recognize the evolving needs of our customers. If you’ve recently added electric vehicles or new appliances, necessitating additional panels for your existing system, we can seamlessly assist you with a solar system add-on.

Our headquarters are located in Long Beach, California, but our service extends across Orange County and Los Angeles County. Whether it’s system maintenance, troubleshooting, or expansions, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch service wherever you are in Southern California. Your solar journey deserves reliable support, and that’s what we’re here to offer.

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