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Adding Solar Panels to Your Existing System

Your home’s energy requirements can evolve over time. While your solar system was originally designed to match your energy consumption at installation, numerous homeowners discover that expanding their solar setup is an advantageous approach to further reduce utility costs.

If you’ve experienced significant lifestyle changes in your household since your initial solar panel installation, it’s likely that you’ll require additional solar energy to meet your current demands. Factors such as working from home, acquiring an electric vehicle (EV), or expanding your property with amenities like a pool or extra living space can contribute to heightened energy consumption.

A technician from SOLAR SOURCE will analyze your past solar monitoring data and electricity bills to assess your present energy consumption. You might also have concerns regarding the remaining rooftop space for extra solar panels or the visual impact of expanding the system. Rest assured, a member of the SOLAR SOURCE team will craft a personalized design that seamlessly incorporates your new panels with the existing ones, making the most of available space and ensuring optimal placement for enhanced energy production.

Many homeowners are uncertain about their energy requirements a decade from now. The flexibility to incorporate extra solar panels or battery storage to your system in the future offers you the assurance that your investment in a home solar system will continue to be advantageous, both today and down the road.

In the event that the company you originally partnered with is no longer operational, rest assured. SOLAR SOURCE is dedicated to working with you to ensure your unique needs are met during the expansion of your solar system.

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