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Advantages of Solar Power

There are so many reasons why rooftop solar (really solar in general) make sense. Here are a few solar advantages to consider.

  • Saves you money. If your utility bill is over $200 per month, you will typically see an ROI of less than 7 years on your solar system. That means that whether you are financing your system or paying for it outright, after 7 years you will receive free power for the life of your system (assuming the size of the system you installed was to offset all power usage).
  • Saves the planet. After a 2021 climate report from the United Nations, there have been many recent headlines over the damage greenhouse gasses have done to the environment and the affect on climate change. This article particularly struck a cord with me. “Climate change isn’t something that’s happening far away to someone else in some far-off future time,” Climate Scientist Allison Crimmins says. “It’s really happening here and now, to us.” The United States has one of the most greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Crimmins goes on to say that each action people take counts. “I think we can hit these sort of emission targets and transform our energy system, transform the way we use energy and the way we get around, our transportation, the way we run our homes,” she says. “And I think we can do that while also making a safer, healthier, more just future.”
  • Creates green jobs. The more solar that is installed, the more clean energy job opportunities are created.
  • The more solar that is installed the cheaper solar becomes. This is driven by the increase in manufacturing and the technology and efficiencies of the panels. The price of solar panels will continue to decrease over time.