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California Oil Labor Unions Tie to Clean Energy Report

The Los Angeles Times recently published this article that highlights a report on clean energy (including solar) that was funded by 19 labor unions across the country. 2 of the 19 labor unions represent thousands of California oil workers, many working in Los Angeles County.

The report showed that the clean energy industry will create over 418,000 new clean energy jobs each year in California through a program funded to cut pollution by 50% over the next decade.

So why would these labor union back a clean energy report? Fossil fuels are quickly being replaced by clean energy, especially in California. As a leader from one of the labor unions says in the article, a change from fossil fuel to clean energy is coming whether they like it or not, so they need to be prepared and find ways to convert those jobs.

As a local solar contractor in Los Angeles County serving all of Southern California, there is definitely a labor shortage in the solar industry, and being able to pull workers from the fossil fuel industry to clean energy would be a win win for all involved.



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