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Commercial Solar Wilmington

Do you own a commercial building in Wilmington, CA? If so, chances are you are using a significant amount of power and are paying through the roof for it. The more power you use, the more expensive it gets. Most of the commercial buildings in Wilmington have a large amount of roof space which is a perfect fit for solar panels. Our goal with the solar systems we install is to offset the average amount of power that you use on an annual basis.

If you think solar might be right for your commercial building, the first thing we will need to get from you is 12 months of electricity bills. That will help us determine how many solar panels we would need to install to produce the right amount of power to offset your energy usage. Once we have that, we will map out your roof to see how many solar panels we can fit on there. We most commonly use either LG or Q-Cells solar panels which are both high-quality panels. Which panels we use will depend on your specific needs and budget. To tie the solar panels together we use Enphase micro-inverters.

Once we’ve got the solar panel design laid out we will prepare an energy analysis proposal. This will provide great detail on the cost of the system, the details of the federal solar tax credit, and your ROI.

With most of our commercial solar projects we find there is a substantial ROI.

If you’re looking to fix your energy bills, save money and save the planet, give us a call today to see how we can help.

SOLAR SOURCE® has been headquartered in Southern California since 2008. Over that period of time we have installed hundreds of systems and have hundreds of satisfied clients. What sets us apart is our design and quality craftsmanship.



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