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Is Home Battery Backup Right For You?

Home battery backup systems have been quite the buzz for sometime, however out of reach for many homeowners due to the cost.

As technology has gotten better for home battery backup systems over time, and demand has increased in recent years, the pricing for home battery backup systems is finally at a place that it makes sense for some homeowners to incorporate a battery backup system into their energy plan.

Does a home battery system make sense for you? With PV rooftop solar, ROI for many homeowners is usually well under 7 years for most systems. With battery backup systems, you’re not going to see the same ROI as you will with PV rooftop solar, however you will gain the peace of mind that should the grid go down you will be able to run basic home appliances. Battery backup systems can be sized accordingly to your energy usage and/or what appliances would be necessary to run in case of a blackout.

With increased power usuage across California as a whole, rolling blackouts could become the norm here as it is in many other places.

At SOLAR SOURCE® we exclusively install Enphase battery systems, a company we have been partnering with for years by installing their micro-inverters. They were ahead of their competition with micro-inverters when their competition with micro-inverters when they were introduced, and they are ahead of their competition now with home battery backup systems.

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