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Why Choose Solar Source Over All the Solar Companies in California?

There are many solar companies in California, so what sets SOLAR SOURCE® apart? Here is a list of just some of the many advantages of going solar with SOLAR SOURCE® if you live in Orange County or Los Angeles County.

  • We are privately owned and have been in business since 2008. The solar industry is relatively new and over our years in the business we have seen many solar companies go under. Choosing a newer solar company has its risks because if they go out of business there is no way to fulfill the craftsmanship warranty if something goes wrong with your solar system. With 20% of businesses failing in the first year, 30% of businesses failing in the second year, 50% of businesses failing by the 5th year and a whopping 70% of businesses failing in by the 10th year, that is a big risk. We receive many calls from orphaned solar customers who need help with diagnosing and fixing problems with their system.
  • Our installers are our employees and we are a licensed solar contractor. We do not outsource our work to third parties. If you’re comparing quotes it’s important to ask if the solar company you are considering working with is a licensed contractor. You would be surprised at the number of solar sales companies there are out there. The solar sales company signs the contract with the customer and has a third party install the system for a hefty commission. Get the middle man out of the equation. It will save you money and you will get to see exactly who you are working with and the quality of the work they do.
  • We only use high-quality solar panels and inverters. The inverters we use are Enphase micro-inverters which are the top of the line in the industry. The other inverters companies may quote and install are called string-inverters. The only reason someone would install string inverters is to save money. By save money, that is only on the front-end. String-inverters are cheaper to install, however will decrease the output of power from your system which won’t save you money in the long-run. This is because if one solar panel is shaded it effects the output of the whole system. With micro-inverters each solar panel is independently tied in so if it becomes shaded it doesn’t effect the other panels output as well.
  • Because we are privately-owned we are able to design custom solar systems. The model of the national companies is to install a lot of systems quickly. Because of this the systems they are typically able to offer are cookie cutter, basic systems. These companies don’t have the capability to design a system that is more complex as it is just simply not their model. If you’ve got a proposal from a national solar company take a look at the proposal to see if the brand of the solar panels are listed, and what type of inverters they plan to use. Chances are the products being used will be vague. This can have a big impact on an apples to apples comparison. Also look at the design of the system layout. Does it make sense? Will it look nice? What will the railing look like. You want to ask a lot of questions about the aesthetics because if you don’t, you might not have a clean looking system.
  • Battery Backup Storage systems have come a long way. A few years ago we were not recommending them to our customers because financially they just did not make sense and there was not a product out there that we loved. In 2020 Enphase released its new Battery Backup Storage systems and that changed the battery game. SOLAR SOURCE® is proud to be apart of the exclusive Enphase installer network. They are a high-quality product that might not give you the same ROI as your solar system, however they have become much more affordable and within reach for many customers. When it comes to Backup Battery Storage systems there is much buzz about the Tesla Powerwall. We can go on and on about why the Enphase Backup Battery Storage system is a better battery backup storage system, but we’ll save that for you and a discussion with one of our SOLAR SOURCE® solar energy consultants. What I will say for now is there is a serious backlog on the Tesla Power Wall systems so good luck getting one installed anytime soon.



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